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Apple Introduces Level Tool in Your iPhone’s Camera App to Compose Better Shots



Image by Welcome to All ! ツ from Pixabay

Apple has made a noteworthy update to the iPhone’s Camera app with the introduction of a dedicated levelling tool in iOS 17. While the Grid feature still exists, it has limited applications and lacks versatility. Apple has taken a step further by separating the Level tool from the Grid and expanding its functionality.

The Level tool, a prominent feature in iOS 17, greatly assists in framing and aligning shots on your iPhone. Its purpose is to detect any tilt in your desired shot, providing real-time feedback that helps you adjust the phone’s tilt to capture perfectly levelled photos.

With iOS 17, Apple offers the Level tool as a separate feature from the Grid, ensuring its availability across all Camera modes, including Portrait, Cinematic, video, slo-mo, and time-lapse.

To activate the Level feature on your iPhone after updating to iOS 17, follow these straightforward steps:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Scroll down and tap on “Camera.”

Toggle on the “Level” option.

Once activated, launch the Camera app and aim to frame a straight-on shot. On the screen, you will notice three horizontal lines: a longer central line and two smaller lines on either side.

If everything within your frame is levelled, the three lines will align, forming a straight yellow line. However, if the lines appear broken or misaligned, it indicates that you need to adjust the tilt of your phone to achieve a levelled composition.

It’s important to note that when framing a top-down or overhead shot, the traditional leveller will still be visible. This is because it provides greater precision for such scenarios. Simply adjust the tilt of your phone until the white and yellow plus (+) signs overlap to achieve a straight shot.

Capture your levelled shots effortlessly with your iPhone. The new Level tool in the iOS Camera app simplifies the process of framing and capturing levelled pictures and videos. Apple deserves credit for this valuable addition.

One notable aspect of the levelling tool is its ability to automatically recognize intentional angle compositions. In such cases, it hides the leveller from the screen, allowing you to continue capturing the shot as desired.

With the Level tool in iOS 17, you can now frame your shots accurately and capture visually appealing images and videos. Explore this feature on your updated iPhone and enjoy the benefits of perfectly leveled compositions.

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Twitter changed its Official Name and Logo to ‘X’




Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Twitter changed their official logo from the iconic blue bird to ‘X’ and the change is already in practice and live on the web. As Elon Musk tweeted;

Last Sunday, Twitter officially changed its account name from @Twitter to @X and app logo. Musk also puts the new Twitter logo as his profile picture. In a reply to Sawyer Merritt tweet, what are tweets called now? Musk replied;

Management of Twitter not only wants to change its name and logo but much more. As company’s CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted;

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Unveiling the Reason: Why Meta’s Threads Feature Is Yet to Be Launched in Europe




Image by KNFind from Pixabay

In July 2023, Meta released Threads, a text-based social networking app. However, this app is not yet launched in Europe. This is primarily due to regulatory ambiguity and worries over data protection.

European Union proposed a new law called the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is expected to get into effect in 2024. This law is to regulate large online platforms to create a fair and competitive digital market. The DMA confined the major tech companies to use data gathered from a different provider to target customers for one of their services. By this compulsion, the key function of Meta, the ability to link Threads accounts to Instagram accounts, may become challenging.

Furthermore, the DMA mandates large digital businesses to acquire user consent before collecting and utilizing certain types of data. This might make it more challenging for Meta to obtain the user location and contact data that it needs to power Threads. Regulations in Europe empower users to control their personal information while making it harder for businesses to gather and use data without their consent.

Meta already has data privacy problems like the data breach scandal with Cambridge Analytica, which costs them $725m (£600m) to settle. Regulators in Europe are now wary of the corporation and its methods for collecting data as a result. Because of this, Meta might wait to introduce Threads in Europe until it is certain that it can abide by the local data privacy rules.

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Threads knock out Twitter with a fastest signups century




Image by TImor from Pixabay

Threads app achieved the landmark of 100 million registered users in just five days of its launching. This figure now crosses 105 million, when this article was published. Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri post also confirmed this milestone.

According to a tracker site (, Threads historical user counts after it launched on the 6th of July 2023 is;

4 hours ago105M
1 day ago102M
2 days ago96M
3 days ago86M
4 days ago72M
5 days ago36M
5 days, 10 hours ago10 M
5 days, 14 hours ago5M (In 4 hours 5 million users signup)
5 days, 16 hours ago2M (In 2 hours 2 million users signup)
5 days, 18 hours agoThreads App Launched

In the above stats, the interesting point is that the app is not launched in Europe. Because Thread’s parent company Meta has some legal issues with the EU’s data privacy legislation. However, achieving the users count of 105 million without users from the EU is remarkable. As 23.5% of Twitter’s active monthly users are from the EU. Which counts somewhat between 100.9 million, and Threads are deprived of this.

A real challenge for Meta is to make people stay on Instagram’s Threads. But anyhow to achieve a benchmark of 105 million plus users in such a limited time is no doubt a great achievement. Congratulations to whole Meta Team.

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